Chiltern, Driveway, Entrance 

 A traditional look either as a pair for a Driveway or a single entrance Gate.  A heavy morticed frame with the strength, beauty and durability of 70mm class 3 graded Douglas with the added protection of a water resistant anti UV oil.  Pointed tops to and pickets (Palisade) attached to 45mm x 90mm rail, half weather detail to the top of stiles, traditional mortice and tenon joinery with a smooth finish.

These Gates are supplied with heavy duty Hardware.  

Maximum width for each leaf 1.75m and a maximum height to the top of the stile 1.40m. We have listed below prices for two popular heights, but any width or height can be had as long as it is below our maximum. For more information please contact us.

Heavy wieght Gate with 70mm x 90mm stiles

Prices include TVA

Hardware included *

Height 1.00m to top of stile

A Single

1.00m    178.00 €

A Pair  

2.50m    352.00 €

3.00m    422.00 €

3.50m    492.00 €


Height 1.20m to top of stile

A Single

1.00m    212.00 €

A Pair   

2.50m    422.00 €

3.00m    506.00 €

3.50m    590.00 €


Height 1.40m to top of stile

A Single 

1.00m    258.00 €

A Pair   

2.50m   498.00 €

3.00m   598.00 €

3.50m   698.00 €

Bespoke sizes available up to 1.40m high and 3.50m long

Important note on installation. When installing please allow 60mm extra between posts or pillars, for double gates and 40mm for a single gate. 

Example, a pair of gates measuring 3.00m allow 3.06m between posts or pillars 

Palisade Gate, ledged and braced
Chiltern Picket style Gate

Chiltern, ledged and braced driveway, entrance, garden gate

Hardware included see images below *

Available in Galvanised or Epoxy black

Adjustable hinge set, Auto-catch, Drop Bolt

Drop bolt not included with single Gate, Ring latch replaces Auto-catch with gates 1.30m high and over.

Information, the heavy duty adjustable hinges included are designed to go on the front or rear of the post or pillar not in-between and can open 180° and are hung on hooks on plates.

Click image for more info

Auto Gate Catch Galvanised
Drop Bolt Galvanised


Height                     up to 1.40m

Top/bottom rail      90mm x 45mm   

Stiles                     90mm x 70mm 

Palisade/Pickets    20mm  x 70mm

Bracing will vary depending on the size of the Gate

Oil treatment applied

A clear water resistant Anti UV treatment displaying the natural colour of the wood, nourishing the timber allowing it to breathe while resisting moisture and slowing the greying process.

Cottage Gate
Palisade Gate

Chiltern, ledged and braced driveway, entrance, garden gate

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