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Hanging a single gate between posts

 Reference: Midsummer Gate - Raised helve gate - Cottage Gate


Below is a diagram for hanging a single gate between posts. We have added the approximate measurement for the distance between the post and the gate for individual pieces of hardware. The gate will open a full 90° and if using the rising hinge set the end of the gate will lift approximately 70mm per meter length of gate to 90°, so a 3.00m gate will at its end and at 90° lift approximately 210mm of the ground. 


  Hinge sets are shown in this order,   1: ADJUSTABLE HINGE SET WITH HOOK ON PLATES    2: ADJUSTABLE HINGE SET WITH TOP HOOK TO BOLT AND BOTTOM HOOK TO DRIVE   3: ADJUSTABLE AND RISING HINGE SET WITH ROCKER PLATE. We also show a selection of closing latches and extras, all available to order with your gate from our hardware store. If you need any advice please contact us.

  These diagrams are for guidance only and are given in good faith but we cannot be responsible for any errors. It is always recommended that when receiving your goods you measure and calculate your own dimensions.

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