"Manor" Five bar plus estate style gate

  The Manor, a traditional style Gate creates an impressive entrance, combining strength and durability with the beauty of class 3 graded Douglas with the added protection of a water resistant anti UV oil. This Gate has a straight top rail and a chamfered frame, with a smooth finish. Horizontal rails are held to the stiles with mortice joints, the diagonal bar (brace) and vertical rails are morticed to the top rail and dowled and bolted to the horizontal rails with 8mm galvanised bolts. The long brace is rebated at the top of the hockey stick type stile and at the top bar and attached with hidden fixings, then bolted to the horizontal rails with 8mm galvanised bolts. The Manor is available as a six bar with the bottom rails closer together to prevent the passage of smaller animals, also a seven bar with evenly spread rails.

There is an image of the short hanging stile at the base of this page on the seven bar picture.


The "Manor" Gate comes in Five, Six and Seven bar versions

Prices include TVA

Five Bar Gate

Six Bar Gate

Seven Bar Gate

length          Price

 98cm Short Stile 178.00 €

1.22m Short Stile 195.00 €

  98cm  Full stile  235.00 

  1.22m Full Stile  255.00 € 

 1.80m Full Stile  285.00 €

 2.12m Full Stile  325.00 

 2.62m Full Stile  340.00 €

 3.12m Full Stile  355.00 €

 3.62m Full Stile  370.00 €

 4.12m Full Stile  385.00 €

length          Price

 98cm Short Stile 185.00 €

1.22m Short Stile 205.00 €

  98cm  Full stile  249.00 

  1.22m Full Stile  270.00 € 

 1.80m Full Stile  305.00 €

 2.12m Full Stile  345.00 

 2.62m Full Stile  360.00 €

 3.12m Full Stile  375.00 €

 3.62m Full Stile  390.00 €

 4.12m Full Stile  410.00 €

Bespoke sizes possible - Price excludes hardware

length          Price

 98cm Short Stile 195.00 €

1.22m Short Stile 215.00 €

  98cm  Full stile  265.00 

  1.22m Full Stile  335.00 € 

 1.80m Full Stile  325.00 €

 2.12m Full Stile  365.00 

 2.62m Full Stile  380.00 €

 3.12m Full Stile  395.00 €

 3.62m Full Stile  415.00 €

 4.12m Full Stile  435.00 €

Single & Combination Gate Guide

Based on Gates hanging on the rear or face of Posts

A Single Gate 

4.12m will fit a 4.06m  opening 

3.62m = 3.56m opening 

3.12m = 3.06m opening


Combination of Gate pairs 

0.98m + 2.12m =  3.12m opening

1.80m + 1.80m =  3.56m opening

0.98m + 2.62m =  3.56m opening

0.98m + 3.12m =  4.06m opening

0.98m + 3.62m =  4.56m opening 

0.98m + 4.12m =  5.06m opening

2.62m + 2.62m  = 5.20m opening

3.12m + 3.12m =  6.20m opening 

Other combinations can be had to fit your space or we can custom make to suit.


Height to top of top rail                   1090mm

Rails Horizontal & Diagonal   70mm  x 20mm

Hanging Stile         1700mm x 115mm x 70mm

Closing stile             1220mm x 70mm x 70mm

Gates are made to order at busy times please allow 28 Days for delivery or collection.

7 Points to the "Manor"

  1. 115mm curved hanging stile 1 piece

  2. Douglas timber class 3 graded with water resistant anti UV protection oil

  3. Long diagonal brace rebated to top of hanging stile and top rail

  4. Vertical rails morticed to the top rail and dowled, not butted

  5. All round chamfer and smooth finish

  6. Galvanised 8mm bolts

  7. Traditionally made with mortice & tenon joints

Oil treatment applied

A clear water resistant Anti UV treatment displaying the natural colour of the wood, nourishing the timber allowing it to breathe while resisting moisture and slowing the greying process.


"Manor" delivery

8mm Galvanised Bolts

Galvanised 8mm Bolts

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"Midsummer" Five bar gate with 130mm hanging stile and 80mm closing stile