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Post & Rail (Class IV pressure treated)

For an online quote please contact us

Post & rail fencing France
Post & rail fencing Bretagne France
Price includes installation

Fence components 36mm x 95mm smooth planed rail 3.90m long, attached to 90mm 90mm pointed top posts concreted in position at approximately

1.95m intervals.     

              Height to top of top rail


1.00m with 1 rails from 48.40 € per mtr

1.00m with 2 rails from 52.80 € per mtr

1.00m with 3 rails from 55.00 € per mtr

1.20m with 1 rails from 50.60 € per mtr.

1.20m with 2 rails from 55.00 € per mtr.

1.20m with 3 rails from 63.80 € per mtr.

1.20m with 4 rails from 68.20 € per mtr.

1.40m with 2 rails from 64.90 € per mtr.

1.40m with 3 rails from 70.40 € per mtr.

1.40m with 4 rails from 75.90 € per mtr.

1.40m with 5 rails from 81.40 € per mtr.

The prices above are for a minimum order of 25mtr for smaller amounts please contact us

Orders over 75 meters a 7% discount applies

Installation prices subject to site survey

Cloture rail er poteau Bretagne France
Post & rail with Five bar gate Brittany France
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