Recommended hinge & post size

Recommended hinge size for our "Midsummer" range.


For gates up to 1.20m

300mm Field Gate hinges or more.

For gates 1.21m up to 2.50m

450mm Field Gate hinges or more.

For gates 2.51m up to 4.00m

600mm Field Gate hinges or more.

All our FG hinge sets include the ability to adjust the gate in case of sag, and are available for opening over level ground or into rising ground. "Hooks on Plates" are the easiest to install but  "Hook to Drive & Bolt"  are recommended when hanging a pair of gates giving 4 way adjustment. 


Opening into rising ground, a rising hinge set should be used.

These are supplied in two formats, 1/For gates to be hung centrally, giving the ability to open both ways. 2/ For gates to be hung on the face or rear of timber gate post, opening one way.

Recommended timber post size for our "Midsummer" range.


These gates can should be hung from posts of at least 135mm square, these should be at a length of at least 2.00m 

Where the ground falls away significantly to the left or right of the length of the gate or gates, a longer post may be required at one end.

Posts should be concreted in place at a minimum of 650mm more if possible. and it is usual to have approximately 1.30m above ground to allow for latch hardware, obviously this will increase on sloping ground.

The above is general advice but individual scenarios can differ and need to be assessed by yourself or your installer.

Always check for underground services.

Please contact us if you have any questions on installation.