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Our gates are made in our workshop in Bourbriac 22390, we use class IV pressure treated pine suitable for exterior use:


 Pine products impregnated with copper salts are resistant to all known attacks on timber and can be used in class 4 (in line with EN335); in other words, in contact with the ground or with soft water, or placed horizontally in a water retaining position. When timber has undergone preservation treatment to improve its durability, we use the term "improved durability". The improved durability of the impregnated pine allows it to be classed as use class 4 for more than 10 years. This is the only resinous wood solution that achieves such a level of fungi resistance in such unhealthy environments".  (More information click here)


We use traditional joinery methods, we do not use CNC technology making our gates a unique quality product, we also offer a wide selection of hardware for most installation situations.

We offer quality made gates at value for money prices.



All our gates apart from our "Midsummer Eazeey" are made with traditional mortice and tenon joints hardwood doweled.


Horizontal rails morticed to stiles.


Diagonal and vertical rails 75mm x 22mm, are morticed to the top rail 70mm x 90mm and hardwood doweled, not just butted. 


Where rails cross over zinc nuts and bolts are used, not just pinned.

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